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Is an advanced formula product designed for use in passenger car engines and up to light duty diesel engines.
It is a unique combination of corrosion inhibitors utilizing a low silicate, phosphate free formula.
Can be used as a top-off but to achieve maximum protection a complete flush and fill should be performed.

Used as directed iLAST premium Green antifreeze provides superior protection against:

• Freeze-up 
• Scale Build Up 
• Sludge/Clogging
• Boil Over 
• Rusting 
• Corrosion


• Meets Light Duty ASTM D-3306
• Safe for use with all engine metals - including aluminum.
• For all domestic and European models that call for conventional AntiFreeze.
• Phosphate Free and low silicate - Suitable for European and Asian models.
• Compatible with all other conventional coolants.
• Proven technology over decades of use.
• For safety purposes all iLAST antifreeze is blended with a bittering agent.




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